Cabin Boy
A 7' 6" Flat Bottomed Skiff
By John Atkin
An entire book has been written about the skiff Cabin Boy (unfortunately, the book is out of print, but available at many libraries). Building the Skiff Cabin Boy, by Clemens C. Kuhlig, published by International Marine, is a comprehensive, well-written coverage of the little boat - so there is not a great deal that I can add.
The principal dimensions of Cabin Boy are 7 feet 6 inches overall by 3 feet 10 inches bean and 3 and 3/4 inches draft. The interest in Cabin Boy has been overwhelming since the book was published, for she is the right size tender for the average auxiliary - and, from all indications, she presents a boatbuilding challenge that many folks feel they can meet.
A sprit rig, the ultimate in simplicity, combined with a daggerboard and rudder, transforms Cabin Boy to a sailing boat. Despite her modest dimensions, the hull is burdensome, and a skipper can enjoy the waning hours of a summer's day in his or her favorite harbor. Cabin Boy will weigh about 70 pounds if built of good quality white cedar as specified.

Plans for Cabin Boy are $100
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