Chatter Box
A Speedy 9' 8" Outboard Pram
By William & John Atkin
A Speedy Little Pram
Among all the Atkin designs, there is not one that quite matches the design of Chatter Box. This baby member of the big family is a square-ended, easy-to-build pram; but unlike the general run of prams and garvies is designed for a speed of 16 mph when propelled by an outboard motor of 7 1/2 hp. Greater power than this will stand the pram on end; on the other hand anything less than 5 hp. will not do justice to the design; the latter, however, will be ample for a speed of about 13 mph. And this, in a boat less than ten feet long, is fast going.
Appropriately named Chatter Box this little one is 9 feet 8 inches in overall length; 7 feet 7 inches on the waterline; 4 feet 8 inches in breadth; and has, with one person aboard and a 7 hp motor clamped on her stern, a draft of 4 inches. She is a burdensome craft. At the bow the freeboard is 1 foot 7 1/2 inches, amidships it is 1 foot 1 inch, and at the stern, 12 5/8 inches. The topsides have far more flare than is generally associated with boats of this simple model. The flare not only provides generous reserve stability but also assures a dry boat in rough water. For all her burdensomeness Chatter Box cannot be expected to carry more than two average-weight persons, nor more than three small children.

Purposely, oar locks are omitted from the design. Because of the flat buttock lines abaft station 3 and the submerged stern transom, Chatter Box will row hard.

The construction of the pram is as simple as it can be and at the same time produce a practical and useful boat. Planking is 1/4 inch thick waterproof plywood.

Plans for Chatter Box are $100




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