A 10' Canvas-Covered Sailing Dinghy
By William Atkin
A handy and Convenient Little Sailing Craft Useful as a Tender or for Sport
Fay, in case you wish to know, is a fairy who lived, and I like to think yet lives, among the reed stems of that magic lake from which arose the sword of King Arthur. And when you tack the charm and the elfishness, the lightness and the mystery of a fairy's name to a tiny boat -- well then you are upon the track of romance even before you go afloat. And so Fay should be a very good name for a boat. If, by the same token, you will study the plans of this 10-foot dinghy you will find it is an exceptionally fine little craft; quite exceptional enough to carry the charming name of Fay.
Fitted with a modest sail plan Fay should make a nice little sailing boat. It will be noticed that each of her three spars are short enough to stow inside the hull. I would be disposed to use bamboo poles for the spars. The sail is laced to the mast, and set by using the sprit and boom as shown in the sail plan. The sail has an area of 57 square feet.
Exactly 10 feet over all, she is, with a water line length of 9 feet 2 inches; a breadth of 4 feet; and a draft of 6 inches. These dimensions spell a wholesome and burdensome hull. The sections show rather hard bilges without harsh turns. Initial stability will be excellent, and so while under sail Fay should stand up well. And then one requires stability in a dinghy; it is not always easy to step exactly amidships. I have seen dinghies that are not only cranky, but dangerous, on this score.
Plans for Fay are $100
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