'Itty Bitty
A 7' 6" Flat-Bottom Pram
By William & John Atkin
An easy One to Build
There is a great deal to be said for an all-wood boat of this size and form. It is an excellent carrier of weight, very strong, not heavy, safe, because it will not sink if filled with water, and rows and tows very well. The materials, including paint, galvanized iron fastenings, oars, oar-locks and painter will cost less than $18.50. Thus from an economic standpoint it also has appeal.
'Itty Bitty's length is 7 feet 6 inches, the breath is 3 feet 7 inches inside the sheer mouldings, and the draft unloaded is just under 3 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 10 1/2 inches and at the stern 10 inches. The little boat will carry three in smooth water; however, two is a safer load and it will row easiest with one person aboard. I think the boat is too small to use with an outboard motor. It will be noticed there is generous flare in the sides and that this is constant for the full length of the boat, or nearly so. Flare always is desirable in small craft.
Unlike other small boats it is not necessary to lay down the lines full size or make moulds for all the stations. One form must be made for the mid-section, the bow piece and the stern; the utmost in simplicity.
Plans for 'Itty Bitty are $100
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