A 10' Flat-Bottom Sailing Skiff
By William Atkin
A Sailing Skiff
Captain Day, the Old Man of yachting, asked me to design a small sailing dink, this was several years ago. One of the features which he insisted on was, that the spars should be shorter than the boat. And for the obvious reason that they might then be stowed in the dink. While the short spars will limit the area of the sail the limitation is worth while in view of the advantage of stowing the spars in the dink. However, the sail area of Jan, this little one, totals 44 square feet and this is enough for a friendly little breeze.
Now Jan's dimensions are as follows: length, 10 feet; length water line, 9 feet 2 inches; breadth, 3 feet 8 inches; draft (light), 3 1/2 inches; freeboard bow, 16 inches, and at the stern 12 inches. Her weight will be approximately 120 Ibs. I should not advise changing the dimensions of the sizes of lumber specified. I know there is the keenest kind of urge to alter plans and to change the construction as the work progresses. Difficulties usually come of this. One change may not seem to be of moment, but sooner or later, as the work progresses, it will be discovered that something else will have to be altered to conform with the first change, and before one knows it the construction will be quite different from the plans. Unless one is a very skilled boat builder it is bad practice to build without plans, and even worse practice to disregard the plans.
Plans for Jan are $100






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