A 10' Flat-Bottom Sailing Skiff
By William Atkin
A 10-Foot Sailing Skiff
Wherever there is a small boy and some water there should be a boat like Nymph. Now Nymph is the kind of boat that can be built by the amateur builder without his having to spend weeks and months and years before his job is ready to launch; and furthermore if the boat is built by a professional builder its cost will not be prohibitive.
Perhaps it should be added as well that wherever there is a grown man who has a boat, and who cruises in her, that there should also be a small boat like Nymph to tow behind; for many are the hours when one can drift about with nothing better to do than watch the water sliding by, and contemplate the smoke from a pipe as it drifts off to leeward. Many might want to use the little boat as a power auxiliary to the larger boat. For these, the addition of an outboard engine of any of the standard makes will quickly convert the boat into a serviceable tender which will be fast and able.
Nymph, although but 10 feet long and with a breadth of 3 feet 8 inches, will carry three grown persons with ease; and this is enough for a boat of this size. It is better to make two trips with a light load than one trip loaded down to the gunwales; and if my eyes have not deceived me there are all too few who feel likewise in the matter.
Small boats of the flat bottom model are as good in every way as those of the round or V-form. And it is a surety that the flat bottom boat is far the handier to land up on the beach, or to stow on deck. The simpler form of these boats makes construction easy and cheap as well. It should be remembered too that lightness is something worth having in a boat of this kind and therefore the lighter the materials used the better the boat will be. A heavy skiff, or for that matter a heavy dink of any other kind, is not a satisfactory sort of boat. And remember also that the lighter a boat is the more load she will carry: a feature of more than passing moment.
Large scale plans for Nymph are $100
Nymph may also be built from The Small Boat Book
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