A 7' 10" Pram
By John Atkin
I was pleased when my friend W.H. ("Ham") deFontaine asked me to undertake the design of a little pram for his own use -- to be published by Yachting magazine. The design and the wonderfully clear "how-to-build" photographs appeared in the June 1968 issue.
Ham had named the new pram Feather when the design appeared in Yachting. I did not feel that the name did justice to the boat, so I changed it to Schatze -- a "little treasure." Her principal dimensions are 7 feet 10 inches overall by 3 feet 7 1/2 inches beam and 3 inches draft. Schatze is built of 1/4 inch marine plywood.
The article in Yachting stirred up a great deal of interest, and I have sold well over 100 sets of her working drawings. These include an isometric drawing of her building form, or jig, in addition to complete details and dimensions.
Plans for Schatze are $100
We apologize for the inconvinience, but we are no longer accepting orders at this time. The ordering process is in transition.