A 30' Derrick Barge
By William Atkin
A Floating Derrick
Wherever there are ships and boats, large or small, floating derricks are needed because boats will sink in deep water now and then, and means must be available to re-float them; heavy moorings, and light, must be laid and re-laid; pilings hoisted from hard packed sand and clay; heavy masts and spars stepped and lifted out of boats; and many another operation of similar character performed as seasons afloat come and go.
Our Giant is a 30-foot over all by 13-foot beam scow, its draft being about 1 foot. Sides are straight and stand vertical, bottom is flat and the ends cut under somewhat to ease the work of towing. A pair of ample white oak guard rails extend all around the hull, one at the edge of the deck, the other 15 inches below. Half a dozen old automobile shoes would make good fenders.
There is enough room on the deck to land two Star boats or a couple of Wee Scots, a small cruiser or a small auxiliary. There is ample reserve buoyancy to carry six to eight tons and the derrick and its falls are designed to lift seven tons with a large factor of safety to spare.
Plans for Giant are $150




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