A 32' Houseboat Home
By William & John Atkin
A Houseboat Home
As an economical means of living and at the same time a delightful way of life, it is doubtful whether any abode afloat or ashore affords the cheering possibilities of a houseboat.
The plans of Nautilus show a scow-hulled houseboat 32 feet over all, 18 feet wide and 10 inches draft. The depth from deck to bottom is 3 feet 10 inches. The sides are parallel and in profile the bow and stern are alike; 3 feet of overhang both ends. This makes the simplest kind of hull to build; sides, bottom, ends, decks all flat and straight surfaces. The frames, stringers, planking, and decks can be laid with straight square-sided lumber just as it comes from the dealer or saw mill
The interior is laid out for the comfortable accommodation of two. The main cabin is 13 feet 10 inches long and like the balance of the boat has 6 feet 5 inches headroom under the overhead insulation. The galley is of ample dimensions to meet all the requirements of cooking, stowage, and service of two and several meal-time guests. The toilet room is 4 feet 3 inches by 4 feet 6 inches, full headroom, of course, and is fitted with pump closet, wash basin, shelves, and a large hanging locker.
Plans for Nautilus are $100
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