Elon Jessup
A 16' 6 3/8" Flat-Bottomed Outboard Skiff
By John Atkin
The principal dimensions of Elon Jessup are 16' 6-3/8" overall by 15' on her waterline by 5' 4-1/2" inches beam and 6-1/2 inches draft. A 10 or 12 hp. outboard motor will provide ample power for her to slide along at 16 or 17 mile per hour. The engine is hung on the transom. A long tiller can be arranged to steer the boat from the center thwart, which makes a simple, practical arrangement.
The lines indicate a relatively narrow hull with sufficient rocker to accommodate a 10 or 12 hp. outboard, but she won't handle any more than that. She has a nice flare, and other than slapping going to windward in a chop, the hull will be comfortable and dry. She can be built using traditional materials or waterproof plywood like 1/2 inch rotary cut Bruynzeel.
Plans for Elon Jessup are $100
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