A 14' V-Bottom Rowboat
By William Atkin
An Excellent Boat, easily Constructed and Suitable for an All Purpose Tender, to be Used With or Without an Outboard Engine
Pixie, while designed for rowing, is a craft that can be used to good advantage with an outboard motor. She will make an excellent tender for any motor boat; but was designed for use with the house boat Slopoke. The little boat has good carrying capacity and will easily take a load of four or five persons in safety and comfort. There is ample freeboard to assure dryness, and enough sheer to make a smart looking craft. The V bottom type is in many ways superior to the round bilge model, and this is especially true from the standpoint of stability.
Pixie is 14 feet in over all length, her water line length is 13 feet, breadth 4 feet and draft 7 1/2 inches. She will weigh approximately 156 pounds with oars and fittings which is reasonably light for a boat of this size. The freeboard at the bow is 1 foot 8 inches, and at the stern 1 foot 2 inches.
As a rowing boat she will pull easily; and under the urge of one of the big twin outboard motors which are so popular now will have a speed of nearly 7 miles an hour. The construction is purposely light because any small boat that is to be used for a tender should be light; one has no idea of the advantage of a very light boat until it is necessary to draw it up or down the beach for launching, and by the same token, the disadvantages of a heavy boat are glaring.
Large scale plans for Pixie are $100
Pixie may also be built from The Small Boat Book
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