Abie Porpoise
A 22' 4" Auxiliary Banks Dory
By William & John Atkin
An Auxiliary Dory
This modern little dory design, Abie Porpoise, makes an ideal type of boat for day sailing. A canvas cover, spread tent-like over her boom, would provide a sheltered and snug retreat -- making overnight and bad weather cruising reasonably comfortable.

The overall length of this little packet is 22'4" and her waterline length 16'7". The breadth is 5'11" and the draft 1'6 1/2". At the stem the freeboard is 2'11 1/4" and at the stern 2'8 1/4". The sheer line is a bold sweep from stemhead to stern -- the typical practice in Down Easters of this model. Excepting light spray, no green water is able to climb aboard from either end. These high ends, combined with other features of the design and coupled with the wide flare of the topsides, produce astonishingly able craft.

The sail plan for this latest member of our family of small craft is about as simple and inexpensive as it can be and at the same time be practical, easy to handle and efficient. The area of the mainsail is 92 sq. ft. and the staysail 33 sq. ft. = total 125 sq. ft. In a modest little packet of this character I feel cotton duck is entirely satisfactory.

The hull form is simplicity itself. The keel is a wide built-up plank, pointed at both ends, flat athwartship and sprung in an easy sweep from bow to stern. Both the stem and transom have wholesome overhang, all of which adds to the above water buoyancy and dryness when the going is windy and rough. A skeg, or false keel, extends from the heel of the stem to abaft station 6. The lead ballast will weigh approximately 230 Ibs.

While not designed for competition Abie Porpoise will be fast, especially in a brisk breeze and a bit of rough water. Dragging a two-blade propeller is a handicap -- but not a serious one. She will heel down easily for about 15 degrees, then, as the flaring topsides begin to submerge and the lead keel fights the angularity, the little boat will, in a surprising manner, stiffen. And, Shipmates, the more the heel the more she will try to round up into the wind. She is about as "non-capsizable" as any small open boat can be.

A Universal Blue Jacket model gasoline engine which, turning at 1500 rpm develops an honest 8.5 hp., is ample for a speed of 9 mph.
Plans for Abie Porpoise are $100






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