Amos Brown
A 22' 4 3/4" V-Bottomed Sloop
By John Atkin
Seldom have I had the opportunity to design a boat purely without the influence of a client, but Amos Brown is such a craft -- one designed just for fun.
While she may not look it, the boat was developed from the schooner Florence Oakland. Amos Brown evolved as I removed the schooner's billethead and trailboards and laid in a conventional stem. I feel that the result is an attractive -- if not altogether practical -- tabloid cruising boat. Her freeboard amidships is low and the trunk cabin is relatively low. Together, these features destroyed any possibility of sitting headroom. To overcome this, I borrowed a page from an early Stone Horse auxiliary with a trunk cabin and have shown sprung battens covered by a removable canvas. Without the "house top," one has the heavens for a ceiling and loses all concern about headroom of any kind.
The arrangement of Amos Brown includes berths port and starboard. A white enameled bucket equipped with a comfortable seat is tucked between these, and, while the bucket may not conform to present EPA regulations, it makes for a much more simple life. The boat's galley is located at the companionway opening, with a sink to port and a two-burner alcohol stove to starboard -- both arranged in proper lockers. Indeed, her accommodations are quite nice for a 22-footer.
Principal dimensions of Amos Brown are 22 feet 4 3/4 inches overall by 20 feet on the waterline by 7 feet 8 inches beam and 3 feet draft. Her construction plan calls for 1/2 inch thick waterproof plywood. (I have often used Permaply fir plywood with a phenol overlay and have had encouraging results.) Also specified is outside lead ballast -- 1,200 pounds of it.
Plans for Amos Brown are $100




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