Cap'n Dick
A 21' 8" V-Bottom Fin-Keel Knockabout
By William Atkin
A Fin Keel Knockabout
Cap'n Dick is a practical kind of sailing boat designed especially for the amateur builder. The form, the construction, and the materials are about as simple as they can be bearing in mind that all together they must produce a long lived and highly useful kind of boat.

Our boat this month measures over all 21 feet 8 inches; has a water line length of 18 feet 6 inches; a breadth of 7 feet 6 inches; and draws 2 feet 6 inches of water. Freeboard at the bow is 3 feet 1 inch; least freeboard is 1 foot 10 inches; and freeboard at the stern, 2 feet 4 inches. So, you see, Shipmates, she is a big little boat. It is of a V bottom model and has a fin keel, the latter being built up of oak and carries some 425 pounds of cast iron along its bottom. In connection with this weight it will ease the fears of the cautious to notice particularly two watertight compartments at bow and stern. These have ample capacity to float the boat with cockpit filled with water. All small keel ballasted boats should have this feature.

The rig carries mainsail and staysail, the former spreading 188 square feet, the latter 54 square feet�total 242 square feet sail area. Wire rigging will be of galvanized steel. Wooden mast cleats will be placed where shown and the rigging will have eye splices encircling the mast. Simpler and longer lasting than brass fittings screwed to the sides of the mast. Notice there are two shrouds each side, and a single head stay; enough for any small sailing boat.

Cap'n Dick has a roomy cockpit, 5 feet 10 inches long by 4 feet 8 inches wide. The distance between the cockpit seats is about right for sailing when heeled down, the seat on the leeward side forming a solid foot hold. I would not change this. The cockpit floor is considerably above the L. W. L. but is not self draining.
The cabin is small but a snug little spot in a hard rain squall, a good place to change clothes for bathing, and not too small to sleep in if used for cruising. The headroom under the house top is nearly 4 feet, which is not too bad. And beside the full length bunks there is table space each side of the companionway.
Plans for Cap'n Dick are $100




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