Dolly Varden
A 22' V-Bottom Seabright Skiff Cruising Knockabout
By William Atkin
A Shallow-Draft Knockabout
Dolly Varden comes to fill the requirements of the man who must have a craft of shallow draft. She is of Vee bottom model and so has a great appeal for the amateur boat builder. I believe there are more amateur built small boats of Vee bottom construction than of any other type. Somehow this model lends itself to the capabilities of the tyro in boatbuilding. And the Vee bottom model has some excellent characteristics whether amateur-built or constructed wholly by a professional builder. Remember that it was in craft similar in most respects to Dolly Varden that the late Capt. Thomas Fleming Day, and Capt. Harry Pidgeon made long ocean voyages. The type is both seaworthy and comfortable.
The length of the latest of the family is 22 feet; the water line length is 19 feet; the breadth 7 feet, 6 inches; and the draft 1 foot, 10 inches. Not a bulky big unhandy thing; on the other hand, not frail. Just an average wholesome little hooker. She was designed with a view to having not over two as crew. It is bad business this cluttering up a small boat with a large party. Suicidal describes it; and discomfort. Sometimes I think the latter is the greater evil.
She will provide what might well be named an ideal father-and-son boat. There is a cozy cabin for two, a comfortable bunk; a stove, lockers, seats, stowage, and what probably should not be mentioned, a centerboard trunk in the middle of the accommodations to stumble over. Must have a centerboard trunk, though. It is all part of the fun of messing around in a small shallow draft boat. The cockpit is self-draining. The floor is 8 inches above the water line. With slides in the companionway it would be pretty hard to fill her up, weather or no weather. And that is a very comforting feature contributing always to one's peace of mind.
Folks will say that the engine is set on too steep an angle; perhaps. It will work beautifully this way, having been tried out in several existing small boats. There is a long hinged lid giving ready access to the motor, fuel tank, and other equipment beneath the after deck. For motor use any one of the excellent single cylinder motors as produced by Palmer, Gray, Kermath, Red Wing, Regal, Falcon, and the other manufacturers who produce these small units. Two to five h.p. is all the power required; more than this will only over-burden and over-power this new ship of ours.
Plans for Dolly Varden are $100
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