Economy Jane
A 21' V-Bottom Keel Cruising Knockabout
By William & John Atkin
A Double-End V Bottom Knockabout
This month there rounds up and anchors the double-end V bottom knockabout Economy Jane; a shipshape and engaging cruising boat designed, not only for ability, comfort and joyous use, but with a sharp eye in the matter of cost as it concerns the materials specified for her construction.

Wherever possible wood is used for cleats, gaff and boom jaws, mast cleats, etcetera. And rope strops, wire rigging eye splices to save the purchase of vangs, mast bands and other metal fittings. While on the subject of rigging it may be of interest to mention for the uninitiated that the rig of our Jane is that of a knockabout, or stem-head sloop; and a handy rig it is indeed. The area of the mainsail is 156 square feet, that of the staysail, 63 square feet or a total spread of canvas of 219 square feet. And, Shipmates, because the mode of today dictates and lauds the superiority of the tall triangular jib-head sail plan, do not be regimented and in the crowded rush forget that there is a great, great deal to be said for the gaff-headed rig, especially as it concerns all sizes and types of wholesome cruising boats.

The deck plan shows a comfortable cockpit (note: not too close to the stern) and of precise dimensions to fit the legs and sitterdowns of all but the outrageously big in stature or bulk. And heaven help these on deck or in the cabin of a very small cruising boat. The cockpit is 3 feet long, bridge deck 1 foot long and deckhouse 6 feet long.

While small, the accommodations of the cabin provide a snug retreat and a comfortable place to live. There is useful locker and counter space beneath the bridge deck and for a length of 2 feet inches on the starboard hand under the cabin trunk. And forward of this a cushioned seat. The opposite hand shows another seat, this being 4 feet long. There are lockers under both of these. A place for two to sleep is tucked up under the fore end of the cabin house and forward deck -- 4 feet 6 inches wide. A bucket as shown, a pump closet can be fitted under the after end of the berth in the trunk cabin portion of the sleeping accommodations. The headroom under the cabin top beams is 4 feet 4 inches and under the hatch slide 4 feet 9 inches, comfortably high for sitting up.

The lines show a much larger boat than one might expect from her over all dimensions. The length on deck is 21 feet, the water line length is 19 feet, the breadth on deck, 6 feet 8 inches, and the draft 2 feet 11 inches. The freeboard at the stem is 2 feet 10 inches; the least freeboard, 1 foot 8 1/2 inches; and at the stern, 2 feet 2 3/4 inches. The topside sections throughout are straight, those in the bottom throughout stations 0 to 6 follow the straight line principle of boat design, while the sections abaft station 6 combine straight and concave sections. The latter produces finer after sailing lines and saves a considerable amount of good white oak, oak and fastenings that, without the concave, would be necessary for the construction of the deadwood. The hollow also provides much room below the floor of the bridge deck and cockpit which will be useful.

Because of cost of materials I had not planned the installation of an engine. There is, however, a most suitable place under the bridge deck and cockpit floor for a small single cylinder power plant if auxiliary power is wanted. Three to six horse power is ample.

In the interest of economy this Jane of ours has a concrete keel. From the standpoint of long service a proper mixture of cement, sharp sand, with reinforcing rods fitted, concrete will last as well, if not longer, than cast iron. Furthermore the material cost will be negligible in comparison to either cast iron or lead. When cast, with iron scrap loading, the keel will weigh very close to 600 pounds. In addition to this Economy Jane will need about 400 pounds of inside ballast; sash weights or small pigs dipped in cement grout.

Plans for Economy Jane are $100
We apologize for the inconvinience, but we are no longer accepting orders at this time. The ordering process is in transition.