Gary Thomas
A 25' 5" Cruising Sloop
By William Atkin
William Atkin Designed the Gaff Headed Auxiliary Sloop Gary Thomas
Here are plans of a ship-shape little packet designed for single-handed cruising. There is, however, ample room for the comfort of two; and more than two, by the way, will be a crowd. Knowing something of the ways of little boats and many people I might add with some authority that more than two will be a crowd, and a crowd is something to be avoided on any kind of boat. The dimensions of the new design are: length over all, 25 feet, 5 inches; water line, 20 feet; breadth, 7 feet 10 inches; and draft 3 feet 10 inches. There is ample freeboard but not so much as to carry the construction weights too high, a fault with many little cruising boats. Her iron keel weighs 1,750 pounds and there should be close to 500 pounds of inside ballast.
The sail area as shown on the plans is 353 square feet divided into main, 208 square feet; staysail, 64 square feet; and jib, 80 square feet. The sprit topsail adds another 38 square feet. The mainsail is loose-footed and, of course, the luff has wooden hoops and the head is laced to the gaff. There should be little, if any roach, no battens, and the sail cloths should run with the leach. The same may be said for the headsails.
The deck plan shows a self-draining cockpit fitted with seats both sides; the fuel tanks (two) are installed beneath the seats and on the cockpit floor, not below it. The cockpit floor extends the full width of the hull and is watertight on all four sides. Therefore any spillage or leakage will flow out of the scupper pipes and not into the bilge. The deck house is low with forward-end corners rounded as shown, and there is little crown on the house top deck. A high crown may gain headroom below but leaves a dangerous foot-hold above; also nothing can be laid on a high crowned deck without sliding off, nor can it be sat on or used for anything.
The cabin plans show a single cylinder gasoline engine protruding the width of its flywheel forward of the space under the bridge deck. A Palmer Baby Huskie engine is shown on the plans. Among other engines that might be used are the DuBrie, Universal Fisherman, Nadler (ex Lockwood-Ash) and Falcon or one of the water cooled Lausons. There is a seat on the starboard hand just under 6 feet long by 18 inches wide; beneath this locker room and behind it a row of lockers and a long shelf. The galley is opposite. And here are a sink, two burner stove (or room for a Shipmate range), ice box, lockers, and shelf. Two bunks range into the forecastle beneath which are the water tank and a pump closet. There is 5 feet headroom under the sliding hatch and full comfortable sitting room on the long seat and above the W. C. There is a good two feet of width across the cabin floor boards. The cabin is snug, handy, and comfortable.
Plans for Gary Thomas are $100




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