A 40' 4" Double-Ended Ketch
By William Atkin
Forty Feet of Cruising Auxiliary
For almost any use afloat the double-ender Gundred should more than satisfy. In over all dimensions she is not a big boat; but there is a tremendous amount of room both on deck and below. Her principal dimensions are: length over all 40 feet 4 inches; length on the water line, 35 feet; breadth 10 feet 8 inches; and draft 5 feet 10 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 4 feet 3 inches and at the stern is 3 feet 1 inch, while the lowest freeboard amidships is 2 feet 7 inches. The displacement is slightly over 31,000 pounds. There is a lead keel outside weighing 6,100 pounds; also 7,000 pounds of inside ballast. It is generally conceded that a large proportion of ballast inside contributes greatly to the ease of the hull afloat; this would be especially the case in very rough water.

Gundred is rigged as a ketch with jib-head sail plan; sail area is modest and ample for cruising purposes. The total sail area is 883 square feet, divided as follows; mainsail 374 square feet; staysail 158 square feet; mizzen 197 square feet and jib 154 square feet.

The deck house is low and narrow; however no room is sacrificed below deck because of this feature. There is a small deck house forward of the main mast; this provides nearly full six foot headroom in the cabin forward, together with light and ventilation. It also gives excellent protection to the halyards coiled on the pin rail at the foot of the main mast. Since the accommodations of an auxiliary like Gundred are for a party of four there seems little point in having an over size cockpit. The cockpit well is 4 feet 9 inches by 4 feet 10 inches. The seats and the fuel tanks fill a third of this hole and so not too much water can stay aboard. Withall the cockpit with the bridge deck provides generous seating space for five or six persons. That is about as big a crew as a yacht of this size and type should have anyway. The waist decks are wide, as these should be.

The cabin is arranged to sleep four, in comfort. There is 6 feet headroom throughout the main cabin, and the same headroom under the hatchway in the forward cabin; and unusual footroom, not a narrow walkway as is likely to be the case in most auxiliaries. The main companionway leads into the galley, 4 feet 9 inches long and the full width of the boat, about 8 feet. Everything is at hand here for supplying meals. The main cabin is fitted with a sofa having an open made-up berth above; just as this should be in a ship. Opposite there is a sofa-berth and up under the waist deck long roomy lockers. Then there are drawers and bureaus, each side of the craft. From the galley doorway to the fore end of the main cabin is 8 feet 6 inches. The forward end of the main cabin contains a big toilet room and very large clothes lockers. The forward cabin has two wide and comfortable built-in berths, chest of drawers on side, hanging locker on the other.
The motor, a 25-45 Red Wing Thoroughbred, is installed beneath the bridge deck and cockpit. Handy doors give lots of room and to spare for cleaning and taking care of the motor. The motor is set to one side, the shaft splaying starboard; the propeller is in the center of the rudder post. There are many advantages in this arrangement, not least of which being that the boat steers better; it will also be noticed that the motor sets perfectly level.
Plans for Gundred are $400




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