A 37' 6" Colin Archer Type Double-Ended Ketch
By William Atkin
A Colin Archer Type Double-Ender
Ingrid is a big boat. She has all the characteristics usually associated with seagoing ability. She is the kind of boat that behaves in rough water. She can be depended upon to sail herself. She is ableness personified. And equal to any situation. Ingrid is the reply to ever so many requests for an enlargement of the double-end Thistle, whose plans appeared several months ago. And for a ketch-rigged auxiliary.
There has been retained in Ingrid practically the same beam as that of Thistle. The draft, however, has been increased to 5 feet 6 inches. Ingrid, then, is 37 feet 6 inches in overall length; 30 feet on the water line; 11 feet 4 inches beam; and 5 feet 6 inches draft. Her displacement is 25,000 pounds. There is 9,000 pounds of iron on her keel with 3,000 pounds inside ballast. The sail area is 816 square feet.
The cabin is large. Your man of six-foot height can walk through upright, and this should please many. Personally I feel that headroom is the least important feature of a small yacht's design. However, we all do not think alike in this respect. In a boat of Ingrid's length heights do not have to be abnormal in order to get full headroom.
The lines show a genuine redningskoite -- life boat of the North Sea. As nearly perfect in form as any boat can be. It may be well to mention that man has never built any kind of vessel that will ride out any kind of sea. The sea is a tremendous thing. It smiles today; tomorrow scolds! All of which holds true of water anywhere -- lake, river, harbor, bay or pond. Men who find a livelihood by working the sea know this -- man, child and wife.
Plans for Ingrid are $275




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