James Samuel
A 20' 1" Flat-Bottomed Jib-Headed Catboat
By John Atkin
James Samuel was designed originally for Jack Clapp of Greenwich, Connecticut, a good many years ago, and many sisterships have been built by both professional and amateur builders.
James Samuel is 20 feet 1 inch overall by 19 feet on her waterline by 7 feet 2 inches beam and 7 inches draft with the centerboard housed. The freeboard is 2 feet 7 inches at the bow and 2 feet at the stern. It is obvious that she is truly a big skiff, a load-carrier of considerable ability and an all-around practical boat.
Our big skiff is cat-rigged, with a simple and practical sail plan. The mast is raked rather sharply -- 15 inches in 10 feet. In the interest of economy, it may be gotten out of a grown stick of spruce or fir. The sail area is 164 square feet. While this is modest, it is comfortable for easy handling. There are two rows of reef points and no battens. For beginners in sail and for folks who sail purely for fun, James Samuel has a lot to offer. She has plenty of room for five or six people -- or more -- and is an ideal boat for a children's training program in camping and overnight cruising and for use as a yacht club tender and a safe rental skiff.
There is a plywood construction section included in the working drawings, indicating the scantlings and materials. There is also a largescale drawing of the stem and its rabbet.
Plans for James Samuel are $100
We apologize for the inconvinience, but we are no longer accepting orders at this time. The ordering process is in transition.