A 34' 6" Ketch-Rigged Motorsailer
By William Atkin
The Ketch-Rigged Motor Sailer Kaisa
Here, Shipmates, is the design of a very popular kind of cruising boat -- one that is both motor boat and sailing boat. She is much under the length usually associated with this kind of pleasure craft. Kaisa is 34 feet 6 inches in overall length, 32 feet 6 inches on the water line, and has a draft of only 3 feet 8 inches. The very modest draft is sufficient to keep the boat from falling off when sailing on the wind, and is deep enough to give all the stability required in any kind of weather. The freeboard at the bow of Kaisa is 3 feet 11 inches, this being to the line of the sheer. At the stern, the deck edge stands just 3 feet from the water line. The topsides are raised throughout the middle sections to form the cabin house with well deck forward and aft. This forms a very satisfactory arrangement, perhaps a little easier to build and consequently somewhat cheaper to build than the trunk cabin arrangement.

The boat carries a gaff-headed mainsail, jib-head mizzen and single jib. All masts and other spars are solid. The standing rigging is plain, old-fashioned, simple and shipshape: Manila halyards, mast hoops, and as few monkey wrench and plier fittings as possible. The sail area is 474 square feet divided into mainsail, 272 square feet; mizzen, 86 square feet; and jib, 116 square feet. Balance will remain constant full sail or shortened with main doused.

The cockpit has a lot of room and will be comfortable with five or six aboard, and yet cannot be easily filled with water or carry much water. The pilot house provides a grand place to handle the boat under power in bad weather, warm, and snug when it grows cold. There are large lockers each side beneath the side decks. Headroom in the pilot house is 6 feet 1 inch. The well deck forward gives a lot of security for anyone working forward; the bulwark rail here is over 1 foot high.

The cabin will be laid out to sleep four in two separate rooms. Two steps lead from the pilot house into the main cabin. The latter contains berths with drawers under, clothes locker, and long lockers both sides raising to the height of the deadlights. The headroom is just under 6 feet. The galley on one side, toilet room the other with wide passage-way between, house the necessary equipment for house-keeping. Then a stateroom forward makes room for the third and fourth members of the crew. Part of the stateroom has full headroom, the forward end plenty to sleep under.

An especially interesting feature of the design is that all the ballast is carried inside, none whatever on the keel. The ballast will be concrete loaded with boiler punchings or other heavy metal pieces small enough to stow neatly on top of the keel and between the floor timbers.

There is a water-tight bulkhead betwen the motor space and the cabin below the pilot house floor. The motor sits level and has flywheel end splayed off to port hand. The motor shown on the plans is a Red Wing 25-45 h.p. 186 cubic inch four cylinder model using direct drive, no reduction gear. Kermath, Universal, and other manufacturers make motors of similar power and type, any of which will give the finest kind of service afloat.

Plans for Kaisa are $200






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