Krazy Kat
A 17' Flat-Bottom Catboat
By William Atkin
A Clever Little Cat Boat
If there is any kind of boat that is easy to build it is the flat bottom model. For years, and years, and years boats of this type have been used both for pleasure and for working purposes; and what a lot of pleasure they have given, and what a lot of work they have performed. These kind of boats are good sailers and excellent craft in many ways. Krazy Kat is not unlike the "bateaus", as they were locally named, used by the clammers on the lower New York Bay some thirty years ago.
Krazy Kat is a handy thing, not too big for comfortable sailing if alone, yet big enough to lie able and reasonably dry. Her construction is not intricate and any one handy with tools should be able to build her in spare time, Sundays included, during the winter months. And the materials will not run into a fabulous amount. Her length is 17 feet, water line 16 feet, breadth 6 feet 1/2 inch, and draft 9 inches with centerboard up. With the board down the draft will be 3 feet 6 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet, at the stern 1 foot 7 inches, while the least freeboard is 1 foot 2 1/2 inches. Her sail area is 182 sq. ft., enough for general sailing.
Plans for Krazy Kat are $100




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