Lady Joan
A 25' 7" V-Bottom Canoe Yawl
By William Atkin
A Canoe Yawl for Single-Handed Cruising
Here, Shipmates, is the design of an engaging kind of cruising boat; one in which to sail far and wide, and of a size that permits easy handling by one person. How easy it will be to get under way with this little ship; slip down the channel to the harbor's mouth and square away for ports that beckon over the rim of the horizon.

Our little ship this month is unique. Nineteen feet on the water line, she is 25 feet 7 inches over all; 6 feet 5 inches in breadth; and 3 feet 5 inches draft. The freeboard at the stem is 2 feet 9 inches; at the lowest point, 1 foot 11 inches; and at the stern, 2 feet 3 inches. While she is a long boat the displacement is modest; 4,800 pounds, brought to this figure by the relatively narrow beam. There is 1,300 pounds of lead on the keel with a few hundred inside for trimming purposes.

Lady Joan is yawl-rigged, all the sail plan being inboard and handy to reach. The sail area is 223 square feet.

The hull is of V-bottom model and slim. All topside sections are straight; those in the bottom being straight forward of station 5. Abaft this point; stations 6, 7, 8 and 9 have reverse curve running down to the rabbet line in the keel and deadwood as shown. From the standpoint of strength, performance and room inside it more than pays to go to the extra work made necessary by the hollow sections aft. And, therefore, I would not alter this in any manner.
Our yawl is nearly a perfect double-ender. There is a slight difference between the widths on deck and on the chines because of the difference in overhang forward and aft; and because of the difference in freeboard heights. Unlike the North Sea types, Lady Joan has rather long overhangs and these are of the canoe type. Altogether it is an excellent form for seaworthiness, speed and comfort in rough water. The little ship will be perfectly balanced in every way, easy to steer oft the wind, reaching or on the wind. And it certainly looks well in the bargain, which means a lot.
Plans for Lady Joan are $105




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