Little Bear
A 28' 10" Flat-Bottomed Sloop
By John Atkin
This sloop might be termed a 'minimum gunkholer,' as she is of modest cost and shoal draft. The design was based on that of the flat-bottomed sloop Twilight designed by my father. Wanting slightly more in the manner of accommodations, as well as the desirable company of a suitable heating stove, the enlarged Little Bear was developed.
The gaff rig is in keeping with the balance of the design and provides reasonable area with a low aspect ratio -- an element worthy of consideration in handling a shoal-draft hull in safety and comfort.
Little Bear's principal dimensions are 28 feet 10 inches overall by 26 feet on her waterline by 8 feet 7 inches beam. She has 1 foot 8 inches of draft with the board up. There is a total of 379.5 square feet of sail area 282.5 square feet in the gaff main and 97 square feet in the roller-furling jib.
It must be kept in mind that this little vessel is a 'fun' boat -- not intended for a party of six and all the glorious trappings abounding and felt essential in today's wonderful glittering world of boats. Nor is she intended to reach the windward mark some few seconds ahead of her nearest competitor. For if she gets to the mark by sunset, those aboard have enjoyed a happy day afloat, quite content in the company of the gulls and sparkling water. Her design is conceived for poking into creeks and shoals. Her mast is stepped in a tabernacle to be quickly and easily lowered in the event a pleasant waterway lies on the far side of a low highway bridge.
Plans for Little Bear are $100
We apologize for the inconvinience, but we are no longer accepting orders at this time. The ordering process is in transition.