Little Dipper
A 23' 5" Seagoing Sloop
By William Atkin
A Sea-Going Auxiliary
To fill the want of a very little ship for the biggest kind of voyage this able ship Little Dipper has been designed. Rigged as a sloop with marconi mainsail and double headsails Little Dipper will be a handy thing and is not unlike Newt' Wigton's larger Tally Ho!. Despite her modest length of only 23 feet, and with a breadth of 7 feet, Little Dipper provides excellent cruising accommodations -- for two. The draft of the hull is only 4 feet. Keeping the draft within reason makes the boat more usable, reduces displacement, and cuts down the area of the wetted surface. The two latter have a direct bearing upon the sailing qualities of the little ship.
The deck house is kept narrow so as to provide plenty of foot room on deck. The thing works out very well giving a good sized cockpit and plenty of room in the cabin. Also the wide decks contribute tremendously to the strength of the hull.
The cabin boasts a big galley, this, in fact, is 4 feet 5 inches long and contains a coal burning range; sink, and ice chest. There are dish lockers up under the side decks; these extend the full length of the galley, the shelves are double and create a place for everything needed for cooking and serving meals. A hanging locker 21 inches long is provided for clothes. A long seat spreads along the starboard side of the cabin, and over this lockers; generous sized stowage space for blankets, and other cumbrous things. The seat is set well down and is comfortable to sit in. Two pipe berths swing up under the forward deck, and up here as well is the water closet. A narrow seat lies opposite while just an arm's length forward the chain locker holds its blessed coils of 3/16 inch diameter galvanized BBB chain. There is 5 feet 9 inches headroom under the cabin trunk, nice foot room at the cabin floor, 25 inches wide from the face of the seat along the starboard side to the face of the galley table.
Of course one must have a motor. This reliable item and friend is installed under the cockpit. Because of the breadth through the keel, it is simple and practical to set the motor well aft and perfectly level; and this is a thing much to be desired in any kind of craft. A single cylinder motor is shown in the plans; however there is room for a two cylinder outfit if the simplicity of the one lunger does not appeal. Kermath makes a fine 6-8 h.p.; Palmer a swell 2 h.p.; Gray an efficient 5 h.p.; Universal an ideal 6-8 h.p.; any one of these would seem to be excellent for powering Little Dipper. Do not, though, install power in excess of 8 h.p.; you cannot expect a speed of much over 7 miles an hour from a boat of this kind, and therefore all the excessive power will do is use fuel and space.
Plans for Little Dipper are $100
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