Little Peter
A 12' 2" Rowing and Sailing Punt
By William Atkin
12-Foot Rowing and Sailing Punt
Little Peter was designed to fill the requirements of a great number of people who have an urge to build a boat but who feel they lack ability to complete in a ship-shape manner anything but a boat of the simplest form. And unless a boat, however small and simple, is built in a ship-shape manner it is better not built at all.
Little Peter is a flat bottomed square-ended open boat. The model is properly shaped and proportioned to row extremely well, sail nicely and "putt" along at about 5.5 m.p.h. under the urge of a 3/4 to 1 h.p. outboard motor. The boat will not go fast under power; there is too much rocker to its bottom for speed. The overall length is 12 feet 2 inches including the parts of the stem and stern which extend beyond stations A and S; the water-line length is 9 feet 3 1/2 inches; the breadth outside the sheer mouldings, 3 feet 10 inches; and the draft with centerboard up is 4 inches.
If the boat is built like the plans and from the materials specified it will weigh very close to 110 pounds. The mast, spars, rigging and sail will weigh approximately 36 pounds; Therefore here is a boat which may be carried on top of a car or on a light trailer, and here is a boat which will afford a lot of fun and usefulness.
Plans for LittlePeter are $100




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