Little Scout
A 15' 7" Rowing and Sailing Boat
By William & John Atkin
A Sailing and Rowing Boat for Beginners
And so we come to the sailing and rowing boat for beginners, Little Scout. Like the St. Lawrence River skiff I at one time owned, this latest of the family is a finelined lap-strake open gunwale boat. The dimensions of this one are: length over all, 15 feet 7 inches; water line length, 15 feet; breadth, 3 feet 10 inches inside sheer mouldings; and draft, with center board up, just 6 inches. The free board at the stem is 1 foot 11 1/4 inches, and at the stern, 1 foot 6 1/4 inches. There is a pleasing sheer and enough freeboard along the middle sections to make rowing comfortable. The keel is straight. The boat has a large rudder (a sterling advantage to any useful boat) and an adequate center board. The sail is for auxiliary purposes and modest in area. It has standing rigging and running rigging which can be played with, knotted, spliced, rove, hauled on, experimented with and otherwise treated as rigging might be used on a sailing ship of the deep sea -- like the rig of the Bounty's launch, if you will. No machine tools needed!
The little boat has room for six very little "nippers," one to each of the six oars; or for three more huskie fellows. In both cases the cockswain commands the vessel from the stern sheets -- and away they stand off to sea! But when they sail there will be only four hardy seamen aboard.
The antecedent of Little Scout was designed for the Twelfth Hamilton Sea Scout Group. The Boy Scouts Association of Canada, Hamilton, Ontario.
Plans for Little Scout are $100
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