Little Water Sr.
A 27' cruising auxiliary
A Gaff-Headed, cat-ketch rig

AN INTERESTING and practical kind of cruising auxiliary is shown in the accompanying plans. They show a boat of modest dimensions combined with unusually spacious accommodations for a boat of this size. The overall length is 26 ft. 10 in.; the water line measure is 24 ft. 9 in.; the breadth is 8 ft 8 in., and the draft, 2 ft. 8 in. Based on the performance of a number of previously designed craft of similar type and model, the sailing capacity of the pirogue rig will be very satisfactory; not only off the wind and reaching, but on the wind, as well. She was not designed for racing, but rather for comfortable cruising, and has the ability to do very well to windward. The specifications call for all inside ballast. This, coupled with heavy construction below and light construction above the chine corners, will produce a comfortable, sea-kindly little packet. By the same token the inside ballast will, to a considerable extent, reduce the cost of building.

In the past, two-masted work and fishing boats of this rig were very popular along the Maine coast and were used for many purposes. It is therefore of interest to know this design was prepared for a client in Maine.

The double-ender is a type which can be built for a reasonable figure, there being no frills and other over expensive equipment to consider in her cost. Furthermore the form of the hull is not a difficult one to build. The materials should be white oak and eastern pine with white ash for trim; the fastenings throughout to be galvanized boat nails and bolts. Solid spars are specified, these to be made of grown spruce, fir or white pine. Wherever possible, metal fittings are eliminated; ash and oak used in their place. Mast hoops are shown on the plans, galvanized blocks, Roebling's galvanized iron standing rigging, and galvanized iron turnbuckles.

The keel in a boat of Sea Bright skiff model is straight fore and aft and flat athwartships. It has its greatest breadth in the middle section, tapering in a smooth curve to meet the stern and stern post. The Vee'd bottom sections raise from the keel to the corners of the chines, and above these to the sheer line. The wide keel provides generous breadth for the cabin floor, and this, being deep in the hull gives exceptional headroom; in this boat's cabin there's nearly 5 feet 6 inches under the house top beams. As mentioned above, the plans show a double-ended model which, when coupled to the sea-going ability of the famous New Jersey fishing skiff hull, produces a very fine performer both under power and sail.

The gaff-headed sail plan spreads 349 square feet of canvas and has the advantage of being easily handled and quickly shortened
or taken in. It is a rig which requires little in the way of repairs and replacements; a very sturdy and shipshape thing. The standing rigging is of very simple character designed for a long life.

Interior arrangement shows a comfortable living place for a party of two. There is a large galley fitted with a coal or wood-burning range, ice box, sink, lockers, and shelves. There are two full length and width berths, drawers, and other stowage space; a separate toilet room in which there is some 5 feet 9 inches of standing room; hanging lockers, bins, and shelves. And a locker in the eyes of the vessel for ground tackle.

The cockpit is self draining. There are two gasoline tanks, one under each of the cockpit seats with a total capacity of 40 gallons. The Universal Fisherman single cylinder 8 hp. motor fits nicely under the bridge deck and cockpit floor. In connection with power, the designers emphasize the advisability of installing the particular husky little motor specified. It has more than enough power for the lines of the pirogue and exactly fits the designed characteristics of this wholesome auxiliary.

Plans for Little Water Sr. are $100




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