An 18' 6" Keel Cruising Knockabout
By William Atkin
A Little Keel Knockabout
The month of January this year begins well with the design of the keel knockabout Nancy-Jean. A little boat like this one falls into the class of camping-cruisers. The conception of boats of this kind is a promising one. They offer a very pleasant means of getting afloat at a reasonable figure, do not require a long list of materials, the up-keep is modest, and for the amateur builder the work of putting one together is not formidable. And since craft of this kind are able, one does not have to be too much concerned about the weather.
The latest of the fleet is a ship-shape little sailing-cruiser. Her over all length is 18 feet 6 inches; water line length, 15 feet; breadth, 6 feet 4 inches; and draft, 3 feet. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 10 1/2 inches, least freeboard 1 foot 10 inches, and at the stern,. 2 feet 1 1/2 inches. Lead ballast on the keel will weigh 1,250 pounds. The sail area is 160 square feet divided into 42 square feet for the staysail and 118 square for the main sail. The storm staysail spreads 25 square feet. The mainsail is loose footed. The standing rigging consists of only three wires, the head stay, and two shrouds.
The deck plan shows a cockpit 3 feet 9 inches long by 4 feet 5 inches wide; there is a seat both sides. The well between the seats is water tight and self draining. The companionway sill is raised well above the cockpit; a precaution against water slopping below. Nancy-Jean is steered by a tiller, the proper thing for a boat of this type and size.
The cabin is small which is excuseable, the knockabout itself being small. There is, however, a single full size bunk, a seat, above which there is comfortable sitting-up headroom, a place for an alcohol or oil stove, dish shelf, and room for stowage. The headroom under the cabin top beam is 4 feet; under the siding hatch 4 feet 6 inches.
Plans for Nancy-Jean are $100




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