New Sister
A 24' 3" Flat-Bottomed Gaff-Headed Sloop
By William & John Atkin
My father and I designed New Sister for F. S. ("Sky") Wardwell of Glenbrook, Connecticut. Taken with the 24-foot sloop Shore Liner, Wardwell asked us to design a boat of similar characteristics but one that incorporated a number of other, worthwhile features. Among these are the clipper bow and gaffheaded sail plan. Further, he asked us to draw up a trunk cabinhouse in place of the raised deck shown on Shore Liner's plans.
New Sister carries a gaff-headed mainsail and a single jib. The total sail area in these is 350 square feet: 250 square feet in the main and 100 square feet in the staysail. The mast is solid and measures only 26 feet 6 inches from the deck to its truck. The standing rigging is simplicity itself -- a single shroud each side, a headstay, runners, a bobstay and whisker shrouds.
The dimensions of the sloop are 24 feet 3 inches overall by 21 feet 6 inches on her waterline. She has a beam of 8 feet 10 inches and a draft of 1 foot. The deepest part of the rudder also draws 1 foot of water. Her cabin will accommodate two comfortably. The headroom beneath the cabintop beams is 4 feet 5 inches, and that under the companionway slide is 5 feet.

Owners report New Sister to be moderately fast, very stiff, comfortable, and fun to sail. This is a family boat that will give the most for the money invested to build her.

The construction of the hull is on the heavy side, in keeping with strength, long life, and low upkeep, with cedar planking and oak framing. Her working drawings also include a plywood construction details.

Plans for New Sister are $100
We apologize for the inconvinience, but we are no longer accepting orders at this time. The ordering process is in transition.