Princess Betty
A 19' 2" Keel Knockabout
By William Atkin
A Keel Knockabout
Here is a boat as unlike the simple little pirogue, Jasper, described in last month's MoToR BoatinG as any two things can be. Princess Betty is, one might say, regal, intricate, and lovely; Jasper is by the same token, plain, simple, and also lovely! Still each is a boat, and each will fill the eyes of someone somewhere as a dream ship; and so to be much desired!
The sail plan spreads 188.9 square ieet; 50.9 square feet being in staysail; 138 square feet in the mainsail. The rig is all inboard and easily reached for reefing and furling. The mast is supported by single headstay extending to turnbuckle placed on forward face of stem as shown. This arrangement allows staysail snaps to fall clear to the stem head; no turnbuckle to snag up on. The mast is also supported by a single shroud each side.
This latest of the family is quite different from the usual open cockpit boats used for day sailing, and was designed to produce a stable, fast, comfortable, and big boat, on dimensions that are on the small side. This big-little knockabout is 19 feet 2 inches over all; 16 feet on the water line; 6 feet 3 1/2 inches in breadth; and draws 2 feet 11 1/2 inches. Freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 9 inches; least freeboard, 1 foot 8 1/2 inches; freeboard at the stern, 1 foot 11 inches. The displacement is 3,450 pounds and lead ballast on keel weighs 1570 pounds. The latter is an indication that the hull will be of comparatively light construction.
The lines show a hull having firm bilges which are always earmarks of stability; rather flat buttock lines which indicate speed; rather limited below-water plane thus contributing to modest wetted surface; well balanced diagonal lines spelling good behavior in rough water; and ballast concentrated close to the mid-section, always associated with quickness in stays. The hull is, of course, round bilge and shows sharp S turns where bilge lines approach the keel and deadwood in all sections abaft number 3. The bottom of the keel is rounded, also sections of keel and stem as clearly indicated in the drawing of the body plan. The rudder is hung on the stern, an excellent place for this appendage on any small boat.
Plans for Princess Betty are $100




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