An 18' 9" V-Bottom Fin-Keel Knockabout
By William & John Atkin
A Class-Type Knockabout for Day Sailors
From last month's runabout design, Bebop, to this month's sailboat design, Quietude, there is quite a jump, not only in the matter of name, but in the matter of type as well. However, for all this jump, there is a pertinent similarity shared by these two designs. Both reflect the grace and spirit of modernity and, furthermore, both share a background of nearly fifty years of experience during which time John and I have designed 751 boats of many types and many kinds. In other words, there is nothing of an experimental nature about either Bebop or Quietude. And that, to prospective builders, should be a comforting thought. Fifty years are a lot of years; 751 boat designs are a lot of designs.
And now to Quietude. Here are plans showing a trim little craft. She is 18 feet 9 inches over all; 17 feet 3 inches on the wateriine; 5 feet 2 inches in breadth and 2 feet 5 1/2 inches in draft. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 1/4 inch; the least freeboard, 1 foot 4 inches; while at the stern it is 1 foot 7 1/2 inches. She is a V-bottom, fin-keel, open boat and carries on the fin 320 pounds of lead. She would be an excellent boat for the beginner in sail, for class racing, and day sailing -- or just sailing around for fun. She has the tall, narrow sail plan so much in vogue now; efficient and simple rigging, both running and standing; a comfortable cockpit with athwartship seats; hinged tiller; no troublesome runners nor backstay. She has a watertight compartment forward and aft and, if filled with water, she cannot sink nor can she be easily capsized -- all in all, an ideal boat for the beginner in sail. The total sail area ia 142 square feet; the mainsail, 99 square feet, the staysail 43 square feet. The storm staysail (used instead of reefing the staysail) carries 20 square feet. The correct name of a boat of this rig is knockabout, not sloop; her headsails are staysails, not jibs.
The construction of Quietude, bearing in mind the necessity of strength and long life, is simple. It will be noticed that all sections are straight, that the sprung keel has modest curvature, and that the fore and aft sweeps of the deck edges and chines are not bold or abrupt. The hull, compared to many others, is narrow. This feature eases the whole process of building any boat, especially the bending and fitting of all the fore and aft parts of this latest member of MoToR BoatinG's family. It is easier, and cheaper, to build a narrow hull than one of generous breadth. Taking your time and using a little ingenuity, a boat of this model can be built without the use of a steam box. And, for that matter, without a shop full of power tools.
Plans for Quietude are $100






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