Sail Ho!
A 20' 10" Knockabout
By William & John Atkin
A Round Bilge Day Sailer
The subject this month is a sailing boat. Here we have a round bilge boat rigged as a knockabout, or stem-head sloop, and, Sail Ho! is her name. The principal dimensions of this little lady are: length over all, 20 feet 10 inches; length water line, 17 feet 3 inches; breadth on deck, 6 feet 4 inches; and draft, with center board up, 1 foot 2 inches, with board down, 4 feet 3 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 2 inches; and at the stern, 1 foot 7 1/2 inches. The total area of the sails is 205 square feet, 160 square feet of this being in the mainsail; and 45 square feet in the staysail. With the reaching staysail shown in dotted lines the total sail area is 200 square feet.
The standing rigging consists of a single head stay and two shrouds; additional standing rigging is unecessary in a boat of this size and type. As rigged Sail Ho! has a minimum of wind resistance and maximum of strength and honest simplicity. Ill advised additions to the sail plan as drawn will increase the cost of building without in any way improving the ability of the boat to sail -- and the latter is enough in itself, so why ask for complications?
The deck plan shows a comfortable cockpit nearly 10 feet long, by nearly 5 feet wide. This is fitted with a continuous seat extending each side and across the stern of the cockpit. Ample room here for a party of six without crowding or overloading the boat. An interesting detail worth particular notice is the design of the deck edge at the cockpit; rather than a coaming, which is at best an uncomfortable thing to sit on, the cockpit edge is well rounded and easy on one's anatomy. The Veed spray boards or breakwater across the forward end of the cockpit will keep water and spray out.
The lines show a hull which can be easily planked. There are no hard spots in any of the sections nor in the fore and aft sweep of the planks. The over hang forward is modest and that at the stern flat also short. Sail Ho! has a nicely balanced form and will sail exceptionally well on all points of sailing, and despite ample sail area for ghosting along in light airs will not be tender when the wind begins to pipe up.
Plans for Sail Ho! are $100
We apologize for the inconvinience, but we are no longer accepting orders at this time. The ordering process is in transition.