Shore Liner
A 24' Flat-Bottomed Jib-Headed Sloop
By William & John Atkin
In search of a boat, the late Commander Ed Hanks, of Essex, Connecticut, provided preliminary sketches and outlined his requirements to my father and me. From these, we prepared the design of Shore Liner. She and the many sisterships built over the years have proven Shore Liner to be an extremely practical, inexpensive cruising boat.
The sail plan is very simple and features a total area of 363 square feet: 215 square feet in the mainsail and 148 in the staysail. The deep reefs indicated were requested by Ed Hanks. These will prove of value many times over. The mast is set in a tabernacle to enable the owner to lower the mast for the exploration of shallow creeks, which are often bridged over. Some time after the design of Shore Liner was published, I prepared a double-headsail rig for A. R. Dussinger, of Springfield, Massachusetts. This provided additional sail area and worked out to advantage.
Her principal dimensions are 24 feet overall by 22 feet on the waterline by 9 feet beam and 1 foot draft. There is clear headroom of 4 feet in the raised deck cabin, and she is arranged to accommodate two comfortably.
The construction of the hull is on the heavy side, in keeping with strength, long life, and low upkeep, with cedar planking and oak framing. Her working drawings also include a plywood construction section indicating the raised deck.
Plans for Shore Liner are $100




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