A 13' 2 1/2" Sailing Board
By William & John Atkin
A 13-Foot Sailing Board
If nothing else. Skimmer has the unique distinction of being the tiniest of MoToR BoatinG's family of boats. Fortunately for most of us, fun afloat is not measured in feet and inches, nor in dollars and cents. The sailing board. Skimmer, shown on these pages, will provide a tremendous return in enjoyment and healthy fun for a minimum of dollars. For example: Only two pieces of 1/4-inch waterproof plywood 4 feet wide by 14 feet long will provide all the material necessary for deck, bottom and bulkheads.
Skimmer's sail area is 60 square feet.
As there are, fortunately, always folks interested in and capable of building their own boats and those who enjoy the prospect of building, we have prepared the design of Skimmer. A number of modifications have been made to the original conception of the Hawaiian surfboard -- evidently the basis of all sailing boards. We have, for example, introduced flare to her sections which will increase stability as the board heels over. Granted, this may be a refinement of questionable virtue in such a tiny boat, however, the little extra work involved will be offset by better performance. The flare will provide reserve stability which will surely do no harm and which, by the way, the conventional surf board lacks. The beam length ratio is increased for the sailing board and other minor modifications made taking into account the requirements of sailing -- rather than riding down a sea breaking on the beach in far off Waikiki.
So, to those who want to tackle a pleasant winter-time project; to those who fully appreciate the great feeling of accomplishment upon seeing the completed work; to those who merely want to build "something" during the winter months -- here is Skimmer.
Plans for Skimmer are $100




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