A 23' Keel Knockabout
By William & John Atkin
A Shelter-Cabin Knockabout
The late W. Starling Burgess, one of America's distinguished yacht designers, often visited us at Huntington and at Anchordown. In respect to his memory the subject of this month's design is named Starling.

Looking over the design one finds the knockabout to have an over-all length of 23 feet, a waterline length of 18 feet, a breadth of 7 feet 9 inches, and a draft of 4 feet. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 9 inches, the least freeboard 1 foot 10 inches and the freeboard at the stem 2 feet 1/2 inch. The weight of the outside lead is 1,200 pounds.

The sail area is modest in proportion to the overall dimensions of the knockabout, all inboard as shown, and the masting and rigging are of the simplest (and best) possible form. The staysail (this is not a jib), area 57 square feet, and the mainsail, 145 square feet. Sail tracks and staysail snaps are shown because below decks there is ample room to store the sails, otherwise I would say use sail covers and save the bother of carrying the sails ashore after every day's sail.

The deck arrangement shows a useful (escape) hatch forward, a neat and low deckhouse, cockpit with side seats 5 feet 6 inches long, and a long after deck. Below the latter, of course, is stowage space. The cockpit is not self-draining. Two bunks are provided under the deck house and forward deck, and plenty of dunnage room forward. Headroom under the deckhouse beams is 3 feet 10 inches; this is a little boat and so the headroom is not too bad.
Because of her flaring topsides Starling will have the ability to be overloaded without excessive immersion, and, by the same token, the flaring topsides will provide exceptional reserve stability. In other words a small amount of heel will be met by an increasing amount of righting power. A strong wind will be required to put under the edge of the deck of this, the latest of our family of practical and proved boats.
Plans for Starling are $100




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