A 44' Ketch-Rigged Motorsailer
By William & John Atkin
A Husky Motor Sailer
Vega is a wholesome motor sailer; that is, she is designed not only to handle excellently under sail; but to perform excellently under power. It is doubtful whether it is possible to equally combine the power of sails and the power of a motor; but it is possible to produce a very useful and interesting type of cruising yacht using the old and the new modes of power.

Vega is 44 feet in over all length; 40 feet water line length; 12 feet in breadth; 5 feet, 6 inches draft. Her freeboard at the bow is 5 feet, 2 inches and at the stern, 3 feet, 7 inches. Displacement is 40,500 pounds. She carries ballast outside to the total of 8,300 pounds; and inside 6,500 pounds. Inside ballast will be boiler punchings or pigs of lead buried in concrete; outside ballast is lead.

Vega is rigged as a ketch, having gaff headed main sail; jib-headed mizzen; and staysail. Total sail area is 741 square feet, all being inboard and handy to handle.

Vega is of the raised deck type thus providing a tremendous amount of room below; and unusual deck room as well. Her cockpit is somewhat abaft of amidship 6 feet, 9 inches long; 8 feet, 5 inches wide. Big, you see, and located where there is least motion when under way in rough water. The motor is under the cockpit floor, fuel tanks outside on the cockpit floor and hidden in the two side seats. The deck provides room for an 8 foot dinghy on chocks abaft the main mast; bitts, winch, fore hatch, main companion slide, after companion slide, pin rails, and all the furniture required without crowding. Vega steers with a regulation spoked wheel in a box but through tiller lines and sheaves.

The main cabin begins at the forward cockpit bulkhead: 4 feet, 3 inches is given to the galley. Coal range, sink, lockers, dish shelves occupy the starboard side of the galley; ice box, locker, and shelves the port side. The headroom in the galley, in fact through the main cabin is 6 feet, 1 inch. Berths with sofas in front give a very shipshape atmosphere to the cabin. While a cabin table is not shown in the cabin plan there is excellent room for it. A large toilet room with hanging locker separates the main and forward cabins; these two compartments take up 2 feet, 6 inches and give generous room for, one the one hand plumbing equipment, and on the other shelves and hangers for clothing, blankets, and linen. The forward cabin contains two built-in berths 6 feet, 1 inch long by 2 feet, 2 inches wide. Beneath these is locker room; and a large chain locker. Forward of the low bulkheld there is room for all those miscellaneous items that somehow collect, because they are indispensible, on a cruising boat of any kind. Headroom in the forward cabin is generally 5 feet, 7 inches; under the forward hatch, 6 feet. The after cabin is fitted with built in high berths, sofas, and two hanging lockers. Aft there is a large open lazerette. Headroom in the after cabin is 5 feet; which is not bad at all.

Most suitable is a slow speed heavy duty motor; turning not much over 800 r.p.m. at the outside and developing between 30 and 40 h.p. There are some excellent motors of this kind made; Red Wing, Scripps, Palmer, Kermath come to mind as being excellent for the purpose in view. The motor is off center 9 inches at the flywheel end; but the propeller shaft is in the center of the propeller post. There are two reasons for this arrangement. The first being that the boat will steer perfectly providing right hand propeller is used; the second, the propeller shaft leads in to one side of the mizzen mast, thus requiring neither a hole through the mast or a mast step built up above the shaft. Both of which are more or less makeshift arrangements. It is a wonder to me that all motor boats do not splay their shafts in this manner.
Plans for Vega are $400




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