A 31' Raised-Deck Motorsailer
By William Atkin
A 31-Foot Motor Sailer
Wavecrest is the largest design this department has published for quite some time. She is the answer to many readers who want full headroom, separate toilet room, big berths, large galley, generous power, and -- never mind the cost. Now that last specification is a good sign. "Never mind the cost," is an indication of better times; better times that have at last overtaken us. There is much to be said for the motor sailer. Here is a cruiser that is equally at home under sail or engine power. And I think Wavecrest is nearly perfect for a yacht of this type, only 31 feet over all length. Her breadth is 9 feet 2 inches; her water line length 26 feet 8 inches; and her draft 4 feet 4 inches.

She is rigged as a gaff headed knockabout. She is not a sloop; a sloop has a bowsprit always. The advantage of the gaff rig is its short mast; under power against a head wind this is a consideration of importance because windage is a big factor in relation to speed. You will notice simplicity aloft and an absence of spreaders, struts, complicated staying, etc. The latter are quite out of place on a motor sailer.

Wavecrest has the familiar raised deck forward of the motor boat with the usual port lights, and break in the sheer line. Her cockpit is large and comfortable. From the break in the deck to the after deck the cockpit is 9 feet long. And it is 5 feet wide. The cockpit floor extends the full width and length of the distance abaft the break in the sheer line.

The cabin is planned for the accommodation of three. There is 5 feet 10 inches of headroom under the cabin top beams; with considerably over 6 feet under the companion slide and the deck skylight. In this respect there are few men who cannot stand upright in the cabin of Wavecrest. The galley is 4 feet 10 inches long and equipped with every thing required for the preparation of food; there is an ice box, large sink, lockers, and a coal range. The toilet room is 4 feet long and fully equipped. There is a handy hanging locker at the forward end of the toilet room. The main cabin sleeps two on box berths that fold into the sides of the ship above the seats. There are lockers behind the berths and stowage under the seats. Forward there is a hanging locker, a seat 4 feet 10 inches long, and a pipe berth. The head room forward of the mast is 5 feet 4 inches.
In a motor sailer the question of power is important. There are so many excellent motors that it is difficult to make a selection. A catalogue from Gray, or Kermath, or Palmer, or Universal, or Chrysler, or Scripps, or Buda, or Lycoming, or Red Wing, or any of the other power plants will describe a motor that will develop between 30 and 40 h.p. at approximately 1,000 r.p.m. Too much power is nearly as bad as too little; and your overpowered motor will be greedy of fuel; occupy too much space; be high in first cost; and generally inefficient. Stick to modest power. Wavecrest will have a speed of 8 to 9 miles an hour under power. She will push hard above 9 miles an hour. The motor is completely out of the way and closed in behind a pair of doors. There really is a lot of room under the cockpit floor, and around the motor.
Plans for Wavecrest are $125






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