A 13' 6" Flat-Bottom Skiff
By William & John Atkin
An Inboard Motor Skiff
Bagaduce, as shown in the design for this month is an engaging little motor boat and one which despite its simple form has many excellent characteristics. Not least of these are the following: generous breadth of deck forward of the mid-section; far more than usual flare of the topsides for the entire length of the little skiff; ample freeboard which coupled with the topside flare assures dryness; breadth in judicious proportion to over-all length; fore and after sweep of bottom in harmony with the speed expected; and in plan view, chine lines calculated to produce an especially well balanced hull.

The design of Bagaduce shows a flat bottomed inboard motored skiff 13 feet 6 inches in overall length, 11 feet 4 inches water line length, 4 feet in breadth, and 8 inches in draft. She has a pleasing sheer with freeboard at the bow measuring 1 foot 8 3/8 inches and at the stern, 1 foot 4 3/4 inches. The greatest breadth on the bottom, or chines, is 3 feet 1 inch; this will be at station 3.

At speeds up to 9 miles an hour the little skiff will slip through the water easily and with little fuss. I would not advise more power than that shown on the plans, which is 7 horsepower delivered at approximately 1,500 r.p.m. On the other hand one- might use less power, say, one of the high speed water cooled units developing around 3 h.p. at 3,000 r.p.m. The speed with the smaller engine should be an honest 6 real miles an hour. At any rate do not overpower or under-power Bagaduce.

Because of the skiff's modest weight and underwater hull form she would make an easily pulled rowing boat; but not an especially satisfactory outfit to be propelled by an outboard motor. Her stern lines tuck up slightly too much for the latter form of power.
Plans for Bagaduce are $100




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