A 22' 8" V-Bottom Rough-Water Runabout
By William Atkin
The Rough Water Open Motor Boat Brent
Here are plans of a very big boat of modest overall dimensions. And so here when built will be a sturdy wholesome small boat that can come and go anywhere any time despite the worst the weather can do to discourage the fun of motor boating. The overall length of Brent is 22 feet 8 inches; length on the water line, 21 feet 6 inches; breadth of beam, 7 feet 11 inches; and draft of water, 2 feet 0 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 3 feet 6 inches; the least freeboard, 2 feet 1 inch; and freeboard at the stern, 2 feet 6 1/2 inches. The depth from the footboards to the top of coamings is 3 feet 1 inch and so when you are in the cockpit there will be a feeling of shelter and security with a sense of being inside the boat rather than upon it.
The cockpit arrangement shows the motor installed beneath a house which extends fully across the boat. The forward cockpit is 4 feet 2 inches in length and shows a seat from side to side; the space beneath this seat will be used for stowage. The after cockpit is 6 feet 4 inches in length and has across its after end a wide seat, and here another stowage locker. The big-little Brent is fitted with a side lever steerer which is about the simplest kind of steering gear I know of that will really work and continue to work without mechanical adjustments. The tiller line extends clear around the inside of the hull. There is a folding seat abaft the side lever.
This latest of the family has plenty of displacement and if launched without inside ballast will rest considerably above her designed line of flotation. Prepare to stow about 1,000 pounds of lead ballast either side of the motor. Most practical boats are the better with some amount of ballast. The motor shown on the plans is a Universal Six having a cylinder capacity of 260 cubic inches and developing 75 h.p., turning at 2,400 r.p.m. With the motor turning 2,400 r.p.m. the speed of Brent will be very close to 18 statute miles an hour, which is fair going for an able type of motor boat.
Plans for Brent are $100




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