A 22' Utility Runabout
By William Atkin
A Smart Little Open Boat
Easy, the boat designed for this issue, will be in every way a useful boat, and fast. Eighteen miles an hour is a comfortable speed for a boat and a speed that can be attained with moderate power; 30 to 40 h.p. is ample. Easy is a big boat having generous freeboard, good beam and wholesome displacement, meaning exceptional carrying capacity.
Now please remember that Easy is designed for moderate power and moderate speeds so do not crowd her with excessive power. Big motors are fine, and all that, but unsuitable for this little craft. She will stand on end if over-powered. In fact if you build Easy, build her precisely like the plans and thus be assured of a satisfactory boat.
The lines are a development of a number of previous designs and show a round bilge model 22 feet in overall length; 21 feet 6 inches water line; 7 feet 2 inches breadth; and 2 feet 1 inch draft. The keel extends the full length and carries a shoe that supports the heel of the rudder, and incidentally protects the propeller from damage in case of grounding. Undoubtedly the additional wetted surface slows down the speed but this reduction in speed is more than gained in many other respects, not the least of which is the comfortable action of the boat when running off the wind in rough water.
Plans for Easy are $100






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