Easy Goer
A 20' 4" V-Bottom Utility
By William & John Atkin
A Practical Open Boat of Many Uses
In these days of multiple complications it is refreshing to contemplate a product which has for its motif ordinary simplicity and a useful measure of practicality. Anything complicated is costly. Now, Shipmates, in an effort to produce a highly useful boat which may be built for a reasonable sum; and in a reasonable length of time, we present here the designs of Easy Goer.

Easy Goer is a much larger boat than the design indicates. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 6 inches, the least freeboard is 1 foot 7 1/2 inches, and the freeboard at the stern, 1 foot 10 inches. At station 6 the depth of the hull is 2 feet 2 inches, and it will be observed that the deck line is full, and there is no attempt to skimp on displacement. The latter, of course, is the real measure of a boat's size and, I might add, cost.

The arrangement plan shows a cockpit a few inches longer than 12 feet. The motor house extends the full width of the cockpit and is 2 feet 3 inches long; the forward seat is placed to allow ample foot room both abaft and forward of it. The length from motor house to the after end of the forward deck is 4 feet 8 inches; the after cockpit is 5 feet 3 inches long. Side lever steerers are shown on both sides of the cockpit; one forward, one aft. Excepting a tiller, I know of no better or more practical arrangement than this.

The designs show a deadrise modeled hull 20 feet 4 Inches in overall length, 19 feet on the water line, 5 feet in breadth, and 1 foot 1 inch draft. The little boat borrows some of the practices of the past, not least of which is the modest breadth. It is a long established fact that if one strives for reasonable speed with very modest horsepower the long water line hull is the best. By way of explanation I should add that by "reasonable" I have in mind a speed of between 9 to 13 miles an hour. Another practice of the past is the deadrise bottom. For comfortable speeds this underwater form has many excellent characteristics; it is simple to build; economical of lumber, and easy to propel.

The motor shown on the plans is a Universal 8 h.p. Fisherman. The cylinder displacement is 67.6 cubic inches, and power is developed at 1,200 r.p.m.; weight with reverse gear 300 pounds. The speed will be 12 miles an hour. I would not advise for this particular design more power than the motor specified; nor a motor of greater weight.

Plans for Easy Goer are $100






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