Glass Slipper
A 17' 9 3/4" Fiberglass V-Bottom Bass Boat
By John Atkin
A Fiberglass V-Bottom Bass Fisherman
The building of Glass Slipper may eliminate, to a large degree, the requirement of "expert" joiner work necessary in first-class boatbuilding. It must not be forgotten, however, that an unusual amount of time, ingenuity, and patience on the part of the builder will be required. The drawings indicate a simply constructed form over which layers of glass cloth and resins will be applied. I have eliminated as many of the pitfalls as is possible and practical. Glass Slipper's overall construction characteristics being based on our past experience in the designing of "plastic" hulls, including the original Winner boats in 1945, several designs for the Montgomery Ward mail order company 1946, and considerable consultation work in connection with other plastic boat development projects.
Glass Slipper's construction utilizes a male mold. The cloth and mat are laid up dry, then the polyester resin is applied and worked by hand until complete impregnation is achieved.
Glass Slipper's hull form is of conventional nature following the style of other successful boats from our boards. She is powered by a Universal Atomic Four engine. This reliable little engine will provide sufficient power for speeds to 17 miles an hour and is quite capable of throttling down to the slow trolling speeds required to catch the famed striped bass.
Plans for Glass Slipper are $100




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