A 12' 2 1/4" Flat-Bottom Utility
By William Atkin
A Very Small Boat
Ippy is 12 feet 2 1/4 inches in overall length, if one can use such a long phrase to state the size of such a little boat; the breadth is 4 feet; and the draft 8 1/4 inches. The little craft has far more freeboard than is usually found in a small rowing skiff, especially at the stern. The freeboard at the bow is 1 foot 7 inches; lowest point, 1 foot 1 5/8 inches; while at the stern the height is 1 foot 4 inches. This will prove to be a very useful kind of family boat, for even with a small air-cooled motor it can be lifted by two men; drawn up on the shore, carried on a small trailer, or lifted by small crane or davits.

The design contradicts the usual conception of a flat bottom boat and the design of Ippy should not be confused with the ubiquitous flat sided, wide bottomed, and heavy rowing skiff always found where boats are used. One of the latter would make a poor motor boat. I think I mentioned some time ago that my son and I altered the bottom sweep of a 12-foot standardized flat bottom skiff -- simply straightened out the excessive tuck up by approximately 1 1/4 inches and increased the speed with an Eclipse outboard by 1 1/2 miles an hour.

A casual study of the lines of Ippy show a rather narrow bottom, generous flare to the topsides, and a long easy sweep to the bottom in fore and aft direction. Notice also that the foot of the stem is well below the water line.

In a boat of this kind there is no sense at all in having too much power; up to 3 h.p. is more than ample, and 1 1/2 h.p. is ideal. With one of the new air-cooled single cylinder motors installed Ippy will have a speed of 8 real miles an hour and folks will think she is doing 10 miles.
Plans for Ippy are $100
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