A 16' 2 1/2" Banks Dory
By William Atkin
A Useful Dory
Not a big boat; but a very able little boat is Jake. Designed in the manner of all those famous nested dories used on the fishing banks, and the fishing fleet out of Down East ports, Jake offers a lot of boat for a small outlay of money. For next to a flat-bottomed skiff this model is about as simple as it can be and still be a real boat. Lumber in modest footage, labor in mimimum hours sum her total of cost. Jake is 16 feet 2 1/2 inches long over all; 13 feet 8 inches long on the water line; 5 feet in breadth; 1 foot 1 3/4 inches draft: the freeboard at the stem is 2 feet; at the stern, 1 foot 9 1/2 inches.
The little boat is arranged somewhat differently from the usual manner. You must remember Jake is a little boat and is not designed to carry a big load. Therefore the single thwart amidships is comfortable for two -- three at a pinch. It will be noticed there is nice room forward of the thwart. Given a suitable spray hood and a sleeping bag one could be very comfortable here for a night or so. The first boat I cruised on had less accommodations than this; and today my sons fancy sleeping on Davy Jones Too when camping-cruising. The boat steers with tiller lines extending from the tiller and all around the inside of the cockpit. A side lever steerer might be added or even a steering wheel; the method of steering is purely a matter of personal choice.

A study of the lines shows a model of very simple form; the bottom board is perfectly straight fore and aft, and perfectly flat across. The topsides are straight; the sides of the stern board likewise. And yet withal here is a form that is sea-kindly, efficient, rather good looking, and altogether able and comfortable.

The motor is installed under the after deck and made readily accessible through flush hatches. I would not advise changing the position of the motor nor would I install anything over 5 h.p. This modest power is ample for speeds up to seven miles an hour. It would perhaps be best to use a small water cooled motor of which there are a number of very good ones made. With the motor entirely closed in against damage from rain and spray I am afraid one of the air cooled types would over-heat.

Plans for Jake are $100






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