June Bug
A 15' 2" V-Bottom Utility Fisherman
By William & John Atkin
An Interesting Utility Fisherman
Now, Shipmates, comes along our 754th design; this shows a 15-foot 2-inch overall V-bottom utility fishing boat. The waterline length of this little one is 14 feet 0 inches; the breadth is 5 feet 7 1/2 inches; and the draft 1 foot 7 inches. At the bow the freeboard is 2 feet 6 1/2 inches; the freeboard amidships is 1 foot 8 1/2 inches; and the height at the stern 1 foot 10 inches. The depth of the hull amidships from the edge of the deck to the top of the keel is 2 feet 7 inches. All of which totals a very burdensome kind of boat, and a most wholesome boat as well.
The arrangement plan shows open gunwales. The motor is housed under a box between the two amidship seats; the after end of the box is open; the top and forward end protected by a hatch and removable cover. A wide thwart between stations 8 and 9 houses a fish well, or box, and provides facing-aft sitting room. There is a low box over the sliding tiller. This forms a handy footrest, and brace.
The lines show a model which will propel easily with modest power. The motor specified is a single-cylinder Baby Huskie Palmer developing 6 hp turning at 2500 rpm. The cylinder displacement is 25 cubic inches and the weight with reverse gear, 175 pounds. Use direct drive. The speed of the boat a good 9 1/2 miles an hour. The keel extends nearly the length of the boat and is straight from station 2 to station 10. This is a feature that makes loading on a trailer easy and safe. The long straight keel and solid deadwood also augurs well for the performance of June Bug in rough water, especially in running before a strong wind and rough sea. The keel also will prevent the boat from yawing about while at anchor or while under way. The propeller shaft, propeller and rudder are given protection by the 5/16-inch thick by 2-inch wide Tobin bronze shoe. This shoe, in the event of running over lobster-pot lines, and other entangling ropes and such, is a worth-while fitting and one that will stand the boat and the owner in good stead.
The lines are drawn in anticipation of low power and speeds of not over 13 miles an hour; therefore do not over-power the little packet. Because of various characteristics be assured the boat will handle perfectly at trolling, intermediate or top speeds.
Plans for JuneBug are $100






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