A 17' V-Bottom Rough Water Utility
By William & John Atkin
A Rough Water Boat
Here, Shipmates, are the plans of an unusually able small open boat. In over all length this latest one of the family measures 17 feet. The water line length is 16 feet, the breadth 5 feet 8 inches and the draft 1 foot 6 inches. The freeboard at the bow is 2 feet 3 inches, at the stern, 1 foot 11 inches, and at the lowest place, 1 foot 8 1/2 inches. The depth of the hull at station 6 is 2 feet 4 inches; rather greater than usually found in a boat of this length.
The cockpit is 9 feet 2 inches long by 4 feet 6 inches wide inside the coamings. In addition to the engine box and middle thwart it has a wide stern seat and a thwart in the forward end as shown. Steering is done with tiller ropes rove through suitable blocks beneath the deck. This is a sure and simple method of handling a small boat; however, if desired a steering wheel can be installed in a position to suit the individual owner.

The lines show a straight sectioned V bottom model of wholesome form and were prepared with a view of moderate speeds with modest power. Ten miles an hour can be expected if Linny is fitted with an engine of similar capacity to the single cylinder 6 horse Baby Huskie Palmer shown in the plans. There are other excellent engines of approximately equal weight and power that might be used for powering the little boat; a Universal Fisherman, 5 horsepower United States Motors, Falcon 5 horsepower and a Lauson ZW-921 of 5-5 1/2 horsepower; all three are of single cylinder type and within the weight suitable for the boat, a figure which should not exceed approximately 200 pounds. Bear in mind that too much weight in the engine department will upset the performance of the boat as well as the arrangement of the cockpit.

As a craft to use for pleasure fishing Linny should be ideal. Her long straight keel will prevent "walking" while at anchor and will, while underway, contribute to holding a straight course. And one will not have to keep an eye on the prospects of the weather, the boat's high flaring topsides and hull balance will keep the boat dry and secure in the event of flying spray and breaking waves. Her seats are well down in the boat, a feature which not only gives a comfortable sense of security but is a safeguard as well. A safe and comfortable complement for Linny is four persons.

Plans for Linny are $100




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