Pollard 19
A 19' Fast V-Bottom Powerboat
By John Atkin
Some 20 years ago, Dick Pollard of East Hartford, Connecticut, asked me to design a practical, straightforward dayboat, and the Pollard 19 was the result. Her principal dimensions are: 19 feet overall by 17 feet on the waterline by 7 feet 3 inches beam and 1 foot 7 inches draft.
The accommodations are limited: a space to change into swim trunks, modest facilities for overnight sleeping, and a comfortable cockpit for day cruising. These are combined with the boat's ability to travel at both low trolling speeds and a moderately fast clip under varying sea conditions.
Her construction is on the light side.... The propeller wheel is protected by a bronze shoe that runs aft and picks up the heel of the balanced spade rudder. Her station frames are Connecticut white oak, and planking is batten-seam Virginia white cedar. To provide for easy maintenance and all-around simplicity of operation, few complications are involved in her steering, engine, and other mechanical installations.
A 95 h.p., 6-cylinder Chris-Craft engine, direct drive, was installed for power. Finding the right engine will require investigations at the present time. Any well-built gasoline engine of similar displacement, weight, and horsepower will provide good results. I do not know, offhand, of a diesel engine that will do the same job without doing more than its share of vibrating. With the 95 h.p. Chris-Craft, she was clocked at 28.7 m.p.h. over a measured course.
Plans for Pollard 19 are $100






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