A 25' 6" Utility Runabout
By William Atkin
A Wholesome Open Boat
No doubt there will always be folks who will want to travel fast and for these the plans of Princess have been prepared. Something over 25 feet long, she is, with a breadth of 7 feet 4 inches and a draft of 1 foot 7 inches, and she is one of the large group of round bilge designs.
The steering wheel is installed on the center line of the boat. Reasons for this position are obvious. Also it. has a vertical post. Somehow this arrangement seems more nautical than the slanting wheel post copied from automobile practice. I think we should forget as much as possible things belonging to the motor car when we design and build boats. I have mentioned this many times before. And it seems good to find manufacturers like Dodge and other leaders turning out all purpose boats that carry a real spoked marine steerer and other gadgets that fit the sea; and have no accessories belonging to the wheeled marvels of the highways.
Princess is the kind of boat in which you can take out a party of six or seven and feel perfectly safe. There are three big seats, and plenty of room between these. The motor is installed in a box slightly forward of amidships. The top of the motor box, or I suppose it should be called housing, is removable. The sides should also be arranged so as to be taken down; then it will be convenient to get at the motor if necessary. Princess will easily develop a speed of 22 miles if powered with a motor like the Gray Six-60.
Plans for Princess are $100
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