An 18' 8" High-Speed V-Bottom Runabout
By William Atkin
A Useful Runabout
As a tribute to a very excellent boat, and to an exceptional amateur owner and driver, I have borrowed the name Ran. The first Ran was built I don't know how many years ago, perhaps 27, to the order of George McKesson-Brown of Huntington, N. Y., by an old established firm of boat builders on the Harlem River. Ran was powered with a big Daimler racing motor that pushed her along at a 30-mile clip, fast for those dim days. She is nearly 40 feet long and a very big boat. Now to return to this later day Ran. She is of V-bottom model having straight sections below the chine line and moulded sections above; a simple hull to build and one of wholesome characteristics. A hull not too difficult for amateur building, and inexpensive for the professional boatbuilding shop. A hull moderately powered and of good speed.
The freeboard of Ran is ample to assure dryness and comfort in reasonably rough water, and you can be certain her head will not fall too much when slowed down. Two cockpits are shown in the arrangement plan with the motor installed amidships. A regulation steering wheel of bulkhead type with handy motor controls, instruments, gauges, and reverse lever handy are located on the starboard side leaving generous room for two persons to sit beside the driver in comfort and without crowding. The little after cockpit seats two. The rudder is inboard and is controlled from the steering wheel by tiller lines.
Ran is 18 feet, 8 inches long over all; 18 feet on the water line; 5 feet, 9 inches in breadth and 1 foot, 5 inches draft. The plan shows a motor of about 125 horsepower. The top speed with this power plant will be 33 miles an hour. There are numerous modern motors ideally suited to this design; however I would not advise using a motor of under 60 h.p., and, of course, it should be of the high speed type.
Plans for Ran are $100






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